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Kanaka Requirements

NetWare Server running Novell Native File Access with Apple File Protocol or SMB/CIFS
Novell eDirectory 8.51 or higher

Mac OS 10.3.x or higher (10.2.x support coming soon)

Select a server to run the management interface. The management interface is an NLM that runs as an extension to the NetWare Remote Manager, so you should select a 5.1 or 6.x server in the same tree as the target storage servers.

Kanaka clients leverage the Native File Access (NFA) technology from Novell. Therefore, the configuration of this component is prerequisite to installation and configuration of Kanaka client software on OS X. Native File Access for Macintosh must be configured on each server that a Kanaka-based client might want to connect to. This would include servers holding user home directories as well as servers holding collaborative storage. It is not imperative that other servers be configured.

Kanaka requires Simple Password or Universal Password. Depending on version and configuration, Native File Access uses either the Simple Password or Universal Password stores in eDirectory. To use these password methods, you need to be sure to set them up for your servers. You can use ConsoleOne or iManager to set Simple Password, and you can use iManager to setup Universal Password. Condrey Consulting also allows you to set simple password in our IUAdmin product.

A Windows machine running the Novell Client is needed for the initial installation only.

You will also need a web browser running on a machine that can connect to the management interface.

Finally, you will need one or more Mac OS X workstations.


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